About Lions of Africa
Lions of Africa at a glance
Vision Statement
About Lions of Africa

Lions of Africa is an artistic production company devoted to the promotion of West-African culture.

Through the magic of our colorful folklore and tradition, we invite you to experience ancient african tradition and culture through captivating performances; a blend of high-energy dance, acrobatics and infectious rhythms.

Lions of Africa at a glance

Lions of Africa is a Senegalese company well recognized for high-quality, artistic entertainment. Since its creation in 1999, the  company has constantly sought to unveil the wonders of true Senegalese folklore to people all around the world.

  • Lions Of  Africa works with the true specialists of West-African Traditions, The Griots.
  • To date more than 100 brilliant West-African acrobats, musicians and dancers have joined the project; competition for places is tough and we only keep the best!
  • The shows can be performed at theatres, festivalsschools or for private events.
  • A normal performance consists of 16 musicians and acrobats, and is about 90 min.
  • The Lions offer a highly praised show for kids, called the Story of the Simb.

Come to  hear the Lions roar!

Vision Statement

Lions of Africa strives to reveal the beauty of the African continent and enhance the world’s perception of Senegal and Africa as a whole. LoA offers an exclusive glimpse of mystical West-African folklore through captivating performances blending high-energy dance, acrobatics and infectious rhythms. The drums tell the stories that shape the Senegalese nation and the dancers display the splendours of the country.

Our mission is to share the culture, stories and legends of our nation and make the world discover the true colours of Africa.

The performance of The Lions of Africa was outstanding on stage! Our audience was very enthusiastic about their interactive, colourful and energetic show.

Marcia Stamper

East meets West Festival

The company captivated the Danish audience with it´s amazingly energitic and colourful show, based in the rich artistic and cultural heritage of their country of origin.

Malco Oliveros

Aarhus Festival

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